Grass Fed Beef

Our herd of grass fed cattle is a mix of traditional breeds. We once were primarily Aberdeen Angus but time here at Bramblebee has evolved and so are our cattle not only in breed type but also the size of the herd is forever growing.

We now currently in 2021 run two Beef Shorthorn Bull - they are Leader and Navigator both pedigree.

The cows are a mix we have still got our Angus cows but also a small pedigree herd of Beef Shorthorns along with some Hereford's that have joined us and a few Belted Galloway’s.

Most of the stock is bred on the farm but we do buy in a few calves of a few small farms to bump up the numbers, usually Hereford's and Galloway’s.

We calf mainly in the spring with a few autumn Calvert’s aswell.

Our cattle mainly graze the Welney Washes through the summer which is conservation work for the RSPB and fits in our ethos completely.

Our grass land here at the farm is mainly clover lays we try hard to use no chemicals for spraying off weeds unless we really have to. The last spray on a few grass fields was 2019 after a hay crop was taken off 2 fields.

Fertiliser is an area we are trying to have low input, this is why we use clovers in our fields as clover produces nitrogen for itself that it removes naturally from the atmosphere. Once it produces enough it leaches access of into the soil which in return the grass can use.

We had to apply some brought in fertilisers in 2020 as after a long wet winter had basically leached the land of all goodness followed by a dry spring we had no options. We also have our manure which we spread over our grass land.

As most businesses, we no our needs so we can calculate how many bales of hay are needed for the stock per winter period of 6 months then from that we can calculate yields and growth rates to calculate if we need to act on the grass management.

In return we hope for a low input on our Environment while producing good quality beef from cattle that are happy and a help to wildlife.

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