Grass Fed Beef

Our beef herd contains two breeds - Aberdeen Angus and our newest breed the Beef Shorthorn.

Both of these are traditional breeds producing superb eating meats. These are grazed through the summer on the RSPB Ouse washes at Welney Cambridgeshire, where they graze the natural flood lands. By doing this our cattle get the best grass herb & wildflower as well as natural grass lays in East Anglia. They also maintain the habitat for wild birds, flowers and amphibians that would not thrive if these washes were not grazed.

Grazing on the farm contains some old pastures and clover rich grasses. We try our best to use as little man made fertilisers as possible and chemical usage is nearly non existent, with no sprays used in 2016 and 2017.

We produce all our own hay and silage for home feeding in the winter, and bale straw off neighbours fields. Waste vegetables and apples are fed to all our livestock along with the correct minerals.

Through this we hope it brings you the best meat we can from naturally fed, slow maturing cattle.

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