Welcome to  BrambleBee Aquaponics


Following the ethos at BrambleBee farms of quality produce and working with nature,

we are now able to offer a range of Salads and herbs Produced on our small  Aquaponics unit.  Using the growing techniques of  Aquaponics we are able to produce anorganic  .....Range of leafy salads and herbs in a natural sympathetic sustainable responsible way.       

Please check the web site regularly for updates and availability. Look out for the specials.


What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a way of farming, that uses both Aquaculture and Agriculture  to great affect by harnessing  nature and the processes that (happen/occur) when Fish and plants are brought together in one growing system. 

The system uses a re-circulation water method that reduces water usage. Up to 80% less than more traditional methods of production. Aquaponics is a farming method that grows fish along side plants, and has no need for herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

Plants are grown in pots on a raft that is feed with running water rich in nutrients from the fish tanks, that the plants just love.



The Science Bit


Aquaponics is a way of growing plants and fish in a sympathetic symbiotic relationship. We use a closed water system that uses 80% less water than conventional farming methods. Aquaponics  uses processes found in nature to feed and grow plants and fish. while fish go about there normal business as fish do, they produce ammonia through there waste. As the water flows through the filtration system the ammonia is used by beneficial Bactria to produce nitrites which again are broken down by other bacteria to finally produce nitrites which although damaging to the fish, it is what our plants in the system need. The plants filter the nutrient rich water through nitrification. The water runs through the system then returns back to the fish tanks free of nitrates, and ready to go through the process again.