If you're struggling to decide just what to eat every night - here's a great meal box with 6 meals that would be great accompanied with one of our optional vegetable boxes!
This box includes:
	250g Stir Fry Strips (chicken/pork/beef/lamb)
	250g Mince Meat (chicken/portl/beef/lamb)
	2 x Burgers (Aberdeen Angus Beef/Sweet Chilli Pork/Chicken)
	4 x Sausages (Gluten Free/Great Bramblebee Banger/Lincolnshire/Chicken)
	1 x Old Spot Gammon Steaks
	1 x 250g Chicken Breast (Plain/Chinese/BBQ/Piri Piri/Garlic Butter/Sweet Chilli & Lime)
	Optional Vegetable Box

Bramblebee's 6 Easy Meals

Stir Fry Strips
Mince Option
Burger Choice
Sausage Choice
Chicken Breasts