Bramblebee Farm's Weekly Box - Make It Your Own


Perfect for having all to yourself and freezing, or sharing with your other half!


Please select your selection of meat.


Choose your main meat, along with your choice of sausages, mince, and more:

Main Meat Option Choice:

1/2 Old Spot Free Range Pork Crackling Joint

1/2 Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus Beef Topside Joint

1/2 Corn Fed Free Range Chicken

1/2 Corn Fed Free Range Spatchcock


1 x Steak (rump or sirloin)


Mince Option Choice:




Sausage Choice

- 1/2 packs:

Great Bramblebee Banger


Olde English

Gluten Free

Sage & Red Onion



Meat Option 2 Choice:

1 x Old Spot Free Range Pork Chops

1 x Free Range Chicken Breasts

250g Grass Fed Free Range Aberdeen Angus Stewing Beef


Bramblebee Special Choice:

Pack of 2 Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers

2 x Free Range BBQ Chicken Breasts

2 x Beef Koftas


All boxes come with eggs & a selection of seasonal vegetables, or 50/50 salad and vegetables.


A pack of 3 eggs are also included too. All of our meats will be wrapped in our environmentally friendly peach paper - it is proven that meats stay fresher for longer using this paper, and is completely safe to freeze.

Bramblebee's Weekly Half Box - Build Your Own

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Bramblebee Specials
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