So comes in a nice big feed sack so no plastic at all 
This charcoal is Sustainably managed as part of an ancient woodland restoration project. No additives, so no food tainting. Ready to cook in 10 minutes. Its softwood varies from Cedar, Willow, Douglas Fir, Pine, Larch. You won’t find any sawdust, starch in this charcoal. No nasty fire retardant chemicals, so the flavour isn’t affected and you can add more charcoal at any point without having to stop cooking. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do and we're big on 
sustainable and responsible woodland management. Working with the forest to protect the wildlife and ecosystems that live there. Supplied by Steel Smokin at West Winch
Why not add a bag with your order and give it a try
Supplied in a paper sack so again no plastic

Local Sustainable Charcoal