Premium Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus Beef Box


Our new beef box will feed you for 8-9 beef meals for a family of 4.


Only a few a month available


The salad/vegetable selections are seasonal and can vary week from week, but will accompany your delicious fresh, free range meats.


There will be 8 different types of vegetables with your order that will either come in bunches (carrots), single items or loose (500g) and will include potatoes.


The Angus Boneless Rib is a superb tasting slow roast joints and will feed 6-8 people easily. All perfect for the beef lovers


The box contains:

- 4 x 8oz Steaks either sirloin or ribeye

- 1 x 12oz Rump Steak

- 2 x 500g of Lean Steak Mince

- 2 x 500g of Diced Stewing Steak

- The Gem of a 2kg Boneless Rib Of Beef the best roasting joint for flavour in my opinion

- 1 x 200g Old Spot Bacon

- 4 x 6oz Grand Angus Melts

- 6 x Free Range Burts Eggs

Local Vegetables:

- 5kg potatoes

- 4 x parsnips

- 1 x cauliflower

- 1 x cabbage

- 4 x leeks

- 1 x bunch of carrots

- 2 x beef tomatoes

- 2 x swede

- 3 x onions

- 500g button mushrooms


We are a zero plastic company - but unfortunately to help our staff stay safe we will use plastic bags for the time being.All of our meats will be wrapped in our environmentally friendly peach paper - it is proven that meats stay fresher for longer using this paper, and is completely safe to freeze.

Premium Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus Beef Box