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Free Range Spatchcock Chicken


Try our delicious, free range spatchcock chicken in various flavours from Piri Piri to Smokey BBQ and even Chinese too. Shake up your boring chicken!

chickens are approximately 1.3kgs

chickens do not come of our farm we source the best we can 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
jill eagle
Tasty and juicy chicken

Top quality meat as always from Bramblebee.

Victoria Smith
BBQ spatchcock chicken

I absolutely loved this. Easy to cook and gave us at least 8 portions. The chicken stayed moist and delicious and we enjoyed cold or heated through with sauce made from the marinade. I'm now looking forward to the chicken soup from the carcass and some aromats. Well done this is champion!

Deborah Drewery
Yummy spatchcock chicken

This is the second time we have had this, and it is just so lovely. Hubby cooks it on the barbeque and it makes the skin nice and crispy. I don't usually eat the skin on chicken, but I did eat some of this as it was really tasty. You can really tell the difference in the quality of meat with this being free range.

Sue Crowie
Fabulous and Tasty

Loved this spatchcock chicken you can really taste the difference. We had the one with the BBQ marinade which made this really tasty!!

Michele Bradbury
Wonderful flavour without the fuss.

An incredible flavour and melt in the mouth tenderness and moist. No hassle to produce an amazing meal - well several actually. Must now try the other flavours.