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Goose Eggs


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Just as goose meat is more flavourful than chicken meat, goose eggs have more taste than chicken eggs. They are richer, fattier, heavier, and more deeply coloured. They just taste eggier. One reason for this is that geese are almost exclusively raised on pasture.

Goose egg :Time to boil: Soft boil - 9-10 mins, hard boil - 13 mins.                          They Taste: Rich and creamy, these are roughly the equivalent of two hen's eggs.

Uses: Perfect size for an omelette but also tasty scrambled.

if these eggs are brought via mail order system we are not responsible if they break in transit but we will pack them the best we can 

so remember these eggs do lot bend and fold and if your delivery driver drops them still consider them sold 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rebecca Lee
Great quality eggs and quick delivery

This was the only place I could find goose eggs online, and decided to try. The quality of the goose eggs was amazing and came really well wrapped. I understand the postage is expensive however they came within 24 hours and were all perfectly intact. Would happily buy again!


As always - absolutely perfect

Deb Williams
Excellent Service as usual

Always prompt delivery and the most gorgeous goose eggs ever - great service - Thank You