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4 x Grass Fed Minted Lamb Chops


Free range, grass fed lamb chops in mint sauce.

Price is based on 4 chops

All or lambs either come from our own farm or from Jim Fletcher, a local sheep farmer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
long legged ewe

These chops are rather large i think the sheep might be part time super models they seem quite leggy :), well worth the money , i received 4 thick cut chops, how a chop should be not those splinters you get elsewhere masquerading to be chops that are more like lamb shrapnel , they cooked well and the fat rendered through them great providing a wonderfully complex lamb flavour i like to cook my chops longer than most as i love the taste of the crunchy browned fat cap on the end , but i am sure they will taste just as wonderful done to medium as well, Another great item from bramblebees