Meet The Days

Paul, Maria,Samantha,

Harry, Elizabeth & Emily DAY

Here at Bramblebee Farm, we are family run and keep old native breeds, which are bred and reared traditionally and raised to the highest welfare standards.

Paul is a first generation farmer starting as a farm labourer on his weekend job at the age of 13 and has been on farms ever since. Maria is a head veterinary nurse and been doing this from studying at college where animal welfare was the first course she undertook.

Our chosen livestock include the Bramblebee Old Spot pig, Aberdeen Angus and Beef Shorthorn cattle, Texel and Romney sheep. These have all been specifically selected for their hardiness and meat qualities, so they taste how meat is supposed to taste!


This is my boys Burts favourite job with his mate Tracy's boy Kyle, anything tractor or livestock they'll be there. Maria, my wife is head nurse and is in charge of all the health needs of the animals, and Elizabeth, our daughter, likes to feed and adopt anything going even if it's not a farm animal!