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Grass Fed Beef Mince


Grass Fed Native Bred minced beef, a traditional breed producing superb eating meats.  These are grazed through the summer on the RSPB Ouse washes at Welney Cambridgeshire where they graze the natural flood lands.

Grazing on the farm contains some old pastures and clover rich grasses we try our best to use as little man made fertilisers as possible and chemical usage is nearly non existence no sprays used in 2016 and 2017.

We produce all our own hay and silage for home feeding in the winter and bale straw of neighbours fields waist veg and apples are fed too all our livestock along with the correct minerals.

Through this we hope it brings you the best meat we can from natural fed slow maturing cattle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Annette Stevens
Grass fed beef

Absolutely delicious beef ,you can taste the difference . We bought the beef mince plus sausages ,eggs , and scotch eggs and milk.
Everything was as always amazing .

Priscilla Boyd
Fantastic quality at a great price!!

Absolutely the best quality meat I’ve ever eaten I will never buy supermarket meat again!! This is also the freshest meat I’ve ever bought it has a great shelf life because of this and the packaging can either be recycled or composted!! This pleased me when I opened my first order. To add to all that it’s delivered to my door by the friendly farmer himself..you don’t get better or fresher than that!! I urge more people to buy from this farm you won’t be disappointed I promise you!!

Sally Tabor
Grass Fed Beef Mince

Perfect and very tasty. You can’t get better.

Rebekah Wilson

Everything is excellent - will not buy my meat from anywhere else

Alex Monaghan
Excellent (as usual)

Yes, it costs a bit more than the supermarket, but it's so fresh (even after being frozen), also, the pan doesn't fill with water when you cook it like the supermarket meat does, so you are just buying meat. We get through a fair bit of this and keep coming back for more.