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Boston Butt

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The Boston butt is a whole top shoulder joint still on the bone, this is a great joint for smoking or just slow cooking in the oven 

Marinade in one of our rubs or just plain for you to do at home

This is a tough cut of meat but is packed with some of the best flavour on the pig, but cooked long and slow either on a smoker or in the oven time is the king.
Cook longer the better minimum of 5hrs but can handle slow and low for 10-12 hrs easily, after all this is going to be the best pulled pork ever
Sold as half a joint or a whole cut and best ordered a week in advance
This is one cut you are going to impress either at a party or just cooking it up for future meals
So sit back and enjoy your old spot pork butt. 

Customer Reviews

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Tania Pauley
Full flavour

Absolutely brilliant piece of prime pork shoulder...flavour deep..highly recommend!!!