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Bramblebee's Limited Edition Venison Box


We have run out of stock for this item.

Bramblebee's Limited Edition Venison Box!


We have limited stock with a fresh selection of locally grown seasonal vegetables delivered to your door. 

The vegetable selections are seasonal and can vary week from week, but will accompany your delicious fresh, free-range meats.

There will be 8 different types of vegetables with your order that will either come in bunches (carrots), single items, or loose (500g) and will include 12 potatoes. All locally grown!

This box includes:

- 1 x Half Venison Shoulder

- 1 x Half Venison Leg

- 1 x Venison Neck Slices

- 4 Venison Chops

- 450g Venison Stir Fry

- 6 Burt's Eggs

- 12 Potatoes

- 1 Bunch Carrots

- 2 Parsnips

- 1 Swede

- 3 Leeks

- 3 Peppers

- 350g Mushrooms

- 1 Cabbage

- 4 Onions

All of this will be delivered in a wooden crate to match the zero plastic and sustainability we endeavor to provide. All of our meats will be wrapped in our environmentally friendly peach paper - it is proven that meats stay fresher for longer using this paper, and is completely safe to freeze.

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