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Fenland Flag Old Spot Pork Pie


Made from our Bramblebee Old Spot Pork & wrapped in shortcrust pastry.

Made with our secret, delicious Fenland Flag recipe.


Have a read of one of our latest reviews:

"Some people think that Geo. Adams make pork pies. Or that Melton Mowbray is the be all and end all. They are wrong. The Bee all and end all is a Bramblebee Pork Pie.

In commercial pies the meat is a speck in an unending sea of gelatine. In a Bramblebee pie the gelatine is scarce, hardly noticeable. You get meat. Not over spiced, something you can chew on and appreciate the pork and the care that went into raising it.

The pasty is a nice hot water crust. Just a shade away from fragmentation, not over salted, in short, perfection.

The combination is divine, this is a pork pie for a country picnic, one to eat beside the sea with sandwiches, or serve with chips for dinner.

Will be ordering another one soon...Mike"