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Loin of Pork on the bone


Delicious Free Range Pork loin on the bone.

Bramblebee Farm pigs are typically Gloucestershire Old Spots sold under their own brand of Bramblebee.
We chose this breed for 3 reasons

  • Hardiness
  • Eating quality
  • And it's known as the orchard pig which is quite fitting for an Apple farmer!

Their diet contains low protein pig nuts as well as farm vegetable waste which varies with the seasons from cauliflower to pumpkins to apples.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Benjamin Feighery

I buy a loin a couple of times a year to make my own bacon, the best bit however is roasting the trimmed crackling and bones together to get a bonus meal and rendered fat for cooking, a simple roast with a sprinkle of salt for 20 mins at 200c then 40 mins at 140c has fall apart ribs where you can taste the full flavour of the meat.

Joanna James

Lovely meat and great correspondence from Bramblebee Farms