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Minced Old Spot Pork


Minced Pork.

Bramblebee Farms pigs are typically Gloucestershire Old Spots sold under their own brand of Bramblebee.

We chose this breed for 3 reasons

  • Hardiness
  • Eating quality
  • And it's known as the orchard pig quite fitting for an Apple farmer.

Their diet contains low protein pig nuts as well as waist farm veg which varies with the seasons from cauliflower to pumpkins and apples.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Mr Mark Lawrance
No Brainer

If you care about how and where your meat is farmed and you want top quality that is not 50% water then this is a no Brainer. You can tell it is quality from the smell when you cook it. You can almost smell the animal and the outside. It’s not that much more expensive than the supermarket when you take into account you’re not boiling half the weight off. Your taste buds and conscience won’t regret the it. Combined 50/50 with the grass fed beef, it has made the best Ragu that I have tasted!