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Premium Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus Beef Box


Premium Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus Beef Box

This beef box will feed you 8-9 beef meals for a family of 4.

Limited Stock - only a few a month are available

The vegetable selections are seasonal and can vary week from week, but will accompany your delicious fresh, free-range meats.

There will be 8 different types of vegetables with your order that will either come in bunches (carrots), single items, or loose (500g) and will include potatoes.

The Angus Boneless Rib is a superb-tasting slow roast joint and will feed 6-8 people easily. All perfect for the beef lovers

The box contains:

- 4 x 8oz Steaks either sirloin or ribeye

- 1 x 12oz Rump Steak

- 2 x 500g of Lean Steak Mince

- 2 x 500g of Diced Stewing Steak

- The Gem of a 2kg Boneless Rib Of Beef is the best roasting joint for flavour in my opinion

- 1 x 200g Old Spot Bacon

- 4 x 6oz Grand Angus Melts

- 6 x Free Range Burts Eggs

Local Vegetables:

- 5kg potatoes

- 4 x parsnips

- 1 x cauliflower

- 1 x cabbage

- 4 x leeks

- 1 x bunch of carrots

- 2 x swede

- 3 x onions

- 500g button mushrooms

All of our meats will be wrapped in our environmentally friendly peach paper - it is proven that meats stay fresher for longer using this paper, and is completely safe to freeze.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Anthony Turley
Angus meat box

Very very good

Barry Daniel
Angus Beef Box

Super impressed with the quality of the Angus Beef box received last week and would highly recommend to anyone considering placing an order with Bramblebee Farms. The delivery was fast along with excellent chilled packaging which meant my order was in great shape when received. Will be ordering again!

David Bateman
excellent meatbox

Well presented, well packed ,excellent condition. on time.


Lovely enjoyed every peace

Dorota Loginow
Why Bramblebee....

It's from best farm ,healthy, fresh, top quality, nicely packed in nice paper. Looking forward to cook, roast, fry .....