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Quarter of Old Spot Pig

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We've put together this bargain of of deal Quarter of Bramblebee Old Pig


- 2 Packs of sausages,

- 1 x 300g dry cured bacon,

- 500g belly slices in chinese sauce,

- 500g plain belly slices,

- 500g diced pork,

- 500g stir fry pork strips,

- 500g stir fry pork strips in chinese sauce,

- 6 x thick pork chops,

- 2 x large pork shoulder steaks,

- 2kg pork crackling joint,

- 4 baby ribs in bbq sauce.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sally Tabor

“Spot" on….did you see what I did there :) :) :)

Alex Monaghan
Excellent (as usual)

Bought this as a freezer filler when it was on an offer, although it looks to be good value even at full price.

We've only had half of the chops and the diced pork so far. The chops were amazing, tastes like when we were kids. We're in the process of moving from supermarket meat to locally produced, there's so much difference in flavour and quality of the meat compared to even the expensive supermarket meats, yes it is a bit more expensive, but the animals live good lives and you can really taste the difference, the meat's not filled with water so cooked size is much bigger than equivalent supermarket cut so you need less.

Good tasty food, delivered by a smiling farmer from a mile down the road, what could be better?

Choice of Cuts and great value for money

This was a great option of getting a choice of cuts from one delivery and as this was a 'special' offering value for money. The quality was as expected, superb, but presented an issue of what to have first as all looked delicious!

Jonathon Francis-Scott
1/4 of old Spot

Yummy, eating the rest next order!

lorraine reader
The best produce in town

As usual meat and veg from Bramblebee farms is the best quality you can find. The quarter of Old Spot pig was such good value with a mix of fantastic cuts and flavours to make many different meals all beautifully wrapped and delivered. I cannot praise this familly run farm highly enough, from their ethos of growing and raising sustainably to the table where the quality of produce comes to fruition.