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Rolled Back Rib Slow Roasting Joint 1.0kg

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Back rib is my all time favourite beef joint, this is a slow low roasting joint which is completely full of flavour.

Holds a nice amount of fat which renders down while cooking which is usually over 4-6hrs then enjoy the best of the joints with your Sunday roast

Our Angus cows are grazed through the summer on the RSPB Ouse washes at Welney Cambridgeshire where they graze the natural flood lands.

Grazing on the farm contains some old pastures and clover rich grasses. We try our best to use as little man made fertilisers as possible and chemical usage is nearly non existent. No sprays were used in 2016 and 2017.

We produce all our own hay and silage for home feeding in the winter and bale straw from our neighbour's fields, vegetable waist and apples are fed too all our livestock along with the correct minerals. Through this we hope to bring you the best meat we can from natural fed, slow maturing cattle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Absolutory amazing!

I slow cooked this and it was absolutely amazing 10/10 Paul 😁

jill eagle
Absolutely delicious

Now my favourite beef joint

Robert Joy

Delicious after 6 hours on a high setting in the slow cooker.

Richard Lane
Slow Cooked Succulence!

We tried the Rolled Back Rib 1.0kg Slow Roasting Joint and made a marinade with red wine, oregano and ground black pepper. It was wrapped loosely in kitchen foil and slow cooked at 150C for 3.5 hours; the kitchen foil was then loosened for the last half hour of cooking.The meat was delicious, superbly succulent and the juices made a fabulous gravy; will definately order again!