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The BBQ Brisket


BBQ Beef Brisket

we decided to add this item to our list it’s one of my go to meats for a party or bbq 

but not everyone knows how to cook it so let me tell you how I cook it

lets start with the paper for me it’s marinated meat and I always leave the paper on, yes paper that it’s delivered in is left on placed in a baking tray ideally with an inch of water this stops the paper drying out and keeps the meat fully contained (water may need watching and topping up during the cook, place in a oven gas 150-180 for a long time 6-10 hours, you no it’s ready when a meat prob skids in with out any resistance if it’s not ready just wait , this is how I cook mine and it fills apart every time 



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Scott Green
Ultimate flavour

Absolutely love this cut of meat if cooked correctly it has fantastic texture and flavour.

Wg Cdr Reg Johnson
Best beef there is !

Just as title says .