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Thors Hammer

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Thor’s Hammer

a newbie to us and the butchery world 

just what is it well it’s a nice big lump of beef shin which in my opinion is a great tasting cut of meat but it’s also more than this, slow roast joints like brisket, clod and shin lend themselves to smoking as they don’t allow to much smoke to easily into the meat

so cooking this bad boy is a slow job longer the better but not to long as you want it to stay on the bone, can easily be seared on a bbq and cooked upset of the heat over a good few hours until tender, or can be fully hot smoked for a fuller flavour 

what ever you decide to do with it it defiantly has the wow factor and a great taking point at any party

the joint will weigh an average of 2.2-2.5kg with a probable meat content of 2kg this could if you think about it on 8oz steaks feed 6-8 people or 3-4 hungry farmers 

Customer Reviews

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Great service great food

great service, great food. would highly recommend

Thor's Hammer

First time I've had this joint, and ordered one for my Xmas dinner for something different.
What can I say ?
Excellent all round, service, delivery, communication, and the meat itself was perfect. I slow cooked it for 8.5hrs on low. I didnt need a knife to carve it, the meat just felt apart and melted in your mouth.
I will be ordering again at some point 👍

Worth the cooking time!

I had never cooked this cut before however was very happy with the results. Took 8 hrs in the oven but results were well worth the wait. Cannot describe the excitement of pulling the entire bone out clean in one go. Very very tasty.