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Traditional Faggots in Gravy


Traditional faggots in gravy, made the old way using a mix of old spot pork, grass feed beef, liver, lungs, heart and a secret blend of bread crumbs.

Just how granny used to make them!

Contains WHEAT.

4 x 4oz faggots in gravy.

these often will arrive frozen because of the gravy 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Proper tasting comfort food

I really enjoyed these traditional comfort food faggots the faggots were big and in a really rich gravy, dont be fooled by the photos these are huge faggots drenched in a really nice gravy i think i ended up cooking mine for about 2 hours and they were ready not over cooked at all , i would definitely say give these a try if you are on the fence about faggots , these are much much nicer than the brains faggots that you get, those saggots are four or six tiny meatball sized faggots that are watery and a little too bland for my liking, and also made completly differently , these are what faggots should be, nice and big, with bold flavours, in a nice rich gravy, had mine with bramblebees own potatoes mashed and some home made mushy peas i decided not to do gravy as there was plenty of gravy with it already try then you will thank me after that you did :)