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Whole Pork Belly Bone In


Free Range Pork Belly With Bone.

Bramblebee Farms pigs are typically Gloucestershire Old Spots sold under their own brand of Bramblebee.
We chose this breed for 3 reasons

  • Hardiness
  • Eating quality
  • And it's known as the orchard pig quite fitting for an Apple farmer.

Their diet contains low protein pig nuts as well as waist farm veg which varies with the seasons from cauliflower to pumpkins and apples.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tania Pauley
Delicious 😋

Tender...sweet and juicy pork...that tastes like pork !! No bland tough supermarket rubbish here.

Gillian O Connor
Spare ribs (without bone)

Pot roasted with beef dripping, s & p, potatoes and carrots and it was as meltingly soft and as delicious as any other piece of pork I’d ever eaten. Accompanied by gravy, wilted spinach and apple purée it was superb. ps I had intended to braise this piece of meat Chinese style but the idea of a proper meat, veg and gravy dinner won me over. How right I was to do so. The belly of pork with skin is still in the freezer. Thank you 🙏

belly pork

Best Belly Pork, never buy it anywhere else.