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One of the few items we do not farm here on the farm is chicken.

Our chicken is sourced as locally as possible but with the situation of bird flu all over we source via a wholesale supplier with better access to birds than us.

We aim for Free range birds as whole chickens and Corn fed birds as well. to date November 2023 these have been good birds from quite local to us of which we are happy with.

Chicken breasts have been a nightmare, they come from all over, quality always good but no longer free range!! They are sourced in the UK as much as possible but a few times these have been from the EU, we don't know until Tuesday mornings where they are coming from.

I like to be as Honest & transparent as I can on everything on the Farm, feel free to give me a call or message if needed, Paul the Jolly Farmer.

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Bramblebee Chicken & Ham PIe
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Chicken & Herb Sausages
Chicken & Leek Pie
Chicken & Mushroom Pie
Chicken Breast Bulk Buy
Chicken Crown
Chicken Kebabs Each
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Chicken Thighs 3 Pack
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Free Range Chicken
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Free Range Duck Eggs x 6
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Gammon & Chicken Bundle
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Goose Eggs