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Sausages are where we started several years ago, and it's still our passion today, with a few new flavors coming together each year. Real cuts of meat and real ingredients are used in our famous sausages - no unidentifiable filler! These are handmade and hand-linked, so a variation in shapes and sizes are going to happen.

Our top seller is the Great Bramblebee Banger - a traditional butcher's sausage that won't disappoint followed by my baby the 'Fenland Flag' Sausage.

Not just pork we also have chicken, beef, and lamb sausages all in real casings. Check out our quirky flavors like our leek and stilton or our Marmite bangers - Love Marmite or hate Marmite you've simply got to try them!

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Bangers & Mash Bundle
Black Pudding Sausages
Bramblebee's Sausage Pinwheel 2 Pack
From £4.60 £5.75
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Game Sausages
From £7.75
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Pork & Apple Chipolatas
Pork & Apple Sausages
Venison Sausages
From £4.70
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