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It is from good grass that good beef is produced

Here at Bramblebee Farm, we are proud to grow residue-free grasslands full of legumes and herbs, combine that with traditional cattle breeds and good stock bulls, and you can produce top-tasting beef.

Our cattle graze the Welney Washes through the summer months which is conservation work for the RSPB and fits in with our ethos completely.

We offer a wide variety of mouth-watering steaks, from our mighty free-range Tomahawk steak to our delicious fillet steaks as well as premium minced beef and roasting joints. Enjoy browsing our selection of Bramblebee beef.

6oz Grand Angus Melts
Barbed Topside
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Chuck Steak
From £6.35
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Farmers Sunday Lunch
From £19.75
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Grass Fed Beef Mince
From £5.99
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Grass Fed Beef Steak Mince 500g
£5.88 £7.35
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Meat Balls 4 x 4oz
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