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Based in the heart of the Fens, Bramblebee Farm is proud to offer fresh farm-raised meat that is exclusively produced with traditional farming methods.

We are a family farm butcher and produce a great deal of the meat on the menu directly from our farm. Along with this, we work closely with a few local farmer friends to fill in the gaps.

From paddock to plate, we really do offer a mouth-watering menu.
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1kg Bramblebee Old Spot Sausages
From £8.97
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Apple Wood smoked Bacon
Barbed Topside
From £9.55
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Boston BBQ Pork Steaks
Bramblebee Chicken & Ham PIe
From £2.85
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Bramblebee Old Spot Whole Gammon
From £7.75
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Bramblebee's 6 Easy Meals
From £19.95
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Bramblebee's Keto Box
From £47.00
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