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Bramblebee Farm

Free Range & Grass Fed Meats

Native Breeds

Grass Fed Cattle

Grazed on our own meadows

Locally Grown

Fruit, Salad & Vegetables

Nurtured and grown as naturally as possible.

Butchers & Grazier

Welcome to Bramblebee Farm

We are natural.
We are traditional, but forward thinking.
We are eco-friendly.
We use native breeds.
And we are right in the middle of the fertile Fens.

We are Bramblebee Farm.

Free Range & Grass Fed Meats


A first-generation farming family committed to tried and trusted methods but with an eye on innovation, we work WITH nature to produce what farmers strive for ... the very best food from livestock.

Our Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus cattle, both hardy native breeds, are completely grass fed, grazing our own meadows as well as the RSPB wetlands where they help to create the perfect habitat for all things natural.
We also produce our locally-famous Bramblebee Old Spot pigs, bred from resilient native breeds and dining on the very best cereals from our own fields and those of our neighbours. 

All our meats, in their recyclable packaging, come direct to your table via our butchery and bespoke catering services where we can satisfy your desire for something different.