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On the farm, we breed Bramblebee Old Spots based on the Gloucester Old Spot. These pigs are raised outdoors in family groups and are raised by us. The farm doesn’t have a large commercial herd just a dozen or so sows and 1 or 2 boars. The meat from our pigs is only here to supply our own butchery.

As a slow-growing breed, they thrive on low protein feed (produced by a local mill), as well as vegetables that otherwise would otherwise be wasted, allowing them to enjoy a happy outdoor life for 9-10 months longer than a commercial pig (only 4 months!)

The farm breeds new sows every few years and brings in fresh boars every few years.

Farm-raised pork from us is tasty and a great representation of how pork used to taste, full of mouthwatering flavors.

Try our Bramblebee Old Spot Pork Crackling Leg Joint for a delicious roast, pork loin steaks for a midweek meal or maybe sample our famous Fenland Flag Sausages.



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