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Beef Brisket on Bone 1kg


Free Range Grass Fed Native Bred Beef Brisket on the bone, 1kg

 The ultimate test on your bbq skills...

 Coming from a traditional breed producing superb eating meats. Please be aware that brisket is a fatty cut and that on traditional breeds it will be a fatter cut although this helps produce such wonderful flavour so if your a pork belly lover this is the cut for you

 We now are getting a selection of meats from beef shorthorn as well, so from this we should be able to give you a good tasting beef, from a traditional breed producing superb eating meats.

 These are grazed through the summer on the RSPB Ouse washes at Welney Cambridgeshire where they graze the natural flood lands. Grazing on the farm contains some old pastures and clover rich grasses we try our best to use as little man made fertilisers as possible and chemical usage is nearly non existence no sprays used in 2016 and 2017, 2018, 1 group of fields sprayed after hay making in 2019 and nothing in 2020.

 We produce all our own hay and silage for home feeding in the winter and bale straw of neighbours fields waste vegetables and apples are fed to all our livestock along with the correct minerals. Through this we hope it brings you the best meat we can from natural fed slow maturing cattle.