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Great Bramblebee Old Spot Pork Pie

£2.85 £2.95

Home made with hot water pastry & filled with Great Bramblebee Old Spot meat 

Have a read of one of our latest reviews:

"Some people think that Geo. Adams make pork pies. Or that Melton Mowbray is the be-all and end all. They are wrong. The Bee all and end all is a Bramblebee Pork Pie.

In commercial pies, the meat is a speck in an unending sea of gelatin. In a Bramblebee pie, the gelatin is scarce, hardly noticeable. You get meat. Not overspiced, something you can chew on and appreciate the pork and the care that went into raising it.

The pastry is a nice hot water crust just a shade away from fragmentation, not over-salted, in short, perfection.

The combination is divine, this is a pork pie for a country picnic, one to eat beside the sea with sandwiches, or serve with chips for dinner.

Will be ordering another one soon...Mike"

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alex Monaghan

I generally don't like pork pie, probably due to eating supermarket pies, however, this is fantastic. Wife not happy as she now has to share her pork pie with me!

Karin Willis

once again we had fantastic meat the pork was lovley and tender and tasty the lamb was tasty and tender the pork pies were yummy and so were the scotch eggs


Good meat but not too impressed by the pastry. Rather expensive for what it was.

Wg Cdr Reg Johnson
Absolutely the best !

The best pork pie I’ve ever had !

Leeky Stilton

I bought this for a friend they absolutely loved it they said the stilton was lovely and it worked well with the flavours of the leek and pork, as they were looking for a pork pie with a proper crust and proper meat filling not the grainy gloop that is getting passed off as pork , i could tell they were very impressed , i have directed them to your website so they can buy them from you direct, but i will also tell them when i am placing a new order with you, in case they want me to add a couple of items for them with my order, which makes my carbon footprint lower as well as theirs, as i will take their bits on my bike and deliver them, giving me some much needed exercise , after i have stuffed my face with all your piggy treats :)